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- From Tuesday to Thursday after her first course of chemo, B was doubled over with bone pain. But by her third course, a combination of OTC meds and prescription steroids have made life much better. Anemic? Yup. Fatigued? Of course. White count shot to shit? Par for the course. But she's not feeling as badly as she used to. We've adjusted.

- In her (and my) off time, B's loved to Pokey about. She gets out of the house. She can get fresh air. She can go for walks if she wants to. Or not at all. That game's evolved, too. From visiting one or two 'favorite' spots obsessively to hunting down precisely what she's looking for.

Which brings us to this Moment of Bitching and Moaning:

WTF WITH THIS 'WATER FESTIVAL' SHIT!?!?!?? You mean to tell me any (bleep)ing knucklehead will be able to evolve a Gyrados? Or that--from now on--any Level 22 mook with a $10 battery hanging off his phone would look at THIS screen

and snort, "Wot, no RED ones???" Well up ALLA theirs!

What's worst about this is that Brenda literally JUST evolved herself two Gyrados yesterday. TWO.

Whateva. Know what? Brenda also got herself a total of three Snorlaxes in the past 24 hours. Yes, that number was correct. Not one or two, but One Plus Two. Yes, the word after that was 'Snorlaxes.' She's a freak like that.

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