Jan. 7th, 2017

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SO when you have to have conversations about whether or not one of you is going to die--at a time when it's quite possible--it gets a lot easier to talk about other topics. For fuck's sake, it oughtta. Cuz what's gonna be difficult NOW?

Exchanges like these:

B: So the insurance lady sent me a health directive form.
Me: Did you wanna fill one out?
B: Already did.
Me: What did you say?
B: Do everything you can to save me.
Me: I was gonna do that anyway.
B: In the event we're both incapacitated, my brother's going to make my decisions.
Me: Also sounds like a good strategy.
B: I've got to give a copy to you and him.
Me: Okay.
B: I'm going to file the copy I give you in my--
Me: No, you're not.
B: But it's where I file all my--
Me: Exactly. Yours. Not mine.
B: Wha??
Me: GIVING a copy to me means it's mine. It's my possession. That's the point of giving it to me.
B: But you lose things.
B: Lose. And then when you need it?
Me: You can keep your own copy, you know. No one stipulated only two copies could exist.
B: So then you'll find mine, huh?
Me: Nope. Cuz I'm never going to need it!
B: *eye roll*
Me: And if I do, so what? You don't get to follow me 'round the house when you're INCAPACITATED.
B: I've also listed the cemetery where I'd like to be buried.
Me: ...
B: You heard that, right? The cemetery where--
Me: If I could find something to chew on, I'd put it in my mouth and nod.
B: But there isn't anything.
Me: Listen. Why don't you file my copy next to yours?
B: Sorry.
Me: *long sigh*
B: I know this isn't the conversation you wanted to have over New Years Eve dinner--
Me: YA THINK?!?!? Let's celebrate your life already. DAYUM!

She still had two drains under her clothes.

I wore pink in solidarity.
Might post more NYE dinner, if someone asks...

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So this happened today.
You might arguably say I was out playing--and not with the PhotoShop either.

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