Jan. 13th, 2017

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...Or, Whatcha Mad For?

First and foremost, thank you Thank You THANK YOU for all of you who've been extraordinarily kind to us in so many different ways. Whether it's been cards or donations or amazingly thoughtful little things we'd never imagined to see or simply happy thoughts involving heavy use of the word 'corn,' we bask in the glow of your collective love and for that we thank you.

While I'm tempted to post a few items, I fear slighting others by omission. For that reason, I might not post any at all. Okay, that's all for Mixed Feelings and obligatories. On to our topic.

B's heading back to work Monday.

Not full time, mind you. She's not up to that. But for every calendar week she can score at least 24 hours, she can push that horrid "12 weeks are up--do we keep her or no?" discussion completely off the table. The more she can manage to work 24 hour weeks, the farther she pushes the needle from 'No' to 'Yes' on that decision, once it comes.

Needless to say, it's going to be a major shock to her system. I'll do my best to keep the housework away from her so she can rest at day's end for the next.

And (of course) 24 hours of work isn't 40 so we'll still be short hundreds every week. There's no short-term financial gain from this at all.


She's still a bit miffed that she's working a Monday I have off.

'Scuse me Wot?

It goes without saying I'm healthy as can be and she's going through Terrible Much with More To Follow. That having been said, I'm also used to one day a week without the Missus underfoot. She can't sniff at me 'bout that! Shoo for a minute, lady. Shoo!

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