Jan. 16th, 2017

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B's last weekend before resuming work sorta-part-time-but-still-for-less-money. Tried my best to be productive. I pulled down the Christmas lights once the thermostat inched above 20F. Shopped online and researched and poked about with cables and pulled things apart and back together.

Finally got the bedroom telly configured properly, with the Blu-Ray and the soundbar all acting like they know each other. The tablet is a Samsung T-520 from the glory days of built-in IR blasters. JOY! Had it at work for quite a while. Never realized how much better it is on my nightstand.

Probably the biggest TechNerd news is our switch to Playstation Vue.

We were (still are 'till week's end) paying $120 a month for cable television alone. It's always made B furious that new subscribers get cable+internet+phone for $99 a month. Sort of. Not mad enough to cancel for 30 days when we traveled abroad (which would have made us a 'new customer'), but angry.

She offered to drop it all for Netflix and Hulu when she was first diagnosed but I didn't think that was reasonable. At least not for her. When you're seriously ill, whaddaya do? Lay and watch TV. And there'll be plenty of time for that for a much more voracious watcher than me.

Playstation Vue seemed to offer enough of what we wanted (the major networks for her, Fox Sports for me) at a low enough price ($35 a month) to make it worthwhile.


That's important. We're not big gamers; we only have a PS3. The PS3 over isn't powerful enough to consistently stream live HD video over wi-fi. Please don't bother lecturing me about signal strength or my router. I've been streaming live HD video via both Ceton InitiTV and HDHomerun for a couple years already; in fact, my router's in the same room as the PS3. It's the weak link.

Unfortunately for ME, I converted the tellies upstairs with Chromecasts first...then tried with the PS3 in front of The Missus. B took one look at the PS3 poor response time and piddly signal and Freaked the (Bleep) Out.

BuuUUUuut $35 for another Chromecast and a couple app installations later? She's almost tickled pink. Allllmost.

'Bachelor' isn't available live here (only WCCO, Fox and My 29 so far) and the On Demand entries are painfully slow to arrive.

Other than that, tho? So far so good.

Wait 'till the cable people get all their boxes, cards and remotes back. HA!

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