Jan. 24th, 2017

newlifeinstpaul: (The Princess & Queen Brenda 2014)
So let's get the rough stuff out of the way.

- B's 20 year cancer-free day WOULD have been Sunday. I didn't know WTF to do about that. Don't think she did either.

- Some among the oncology staff believe B's not gonna lose all of her hair--that's it's only going to thin out. B doesn't believe that for one minute.

- They keep telling her they've advanced the treatment since she was last on chemo. She believes she'll be puking every half-an-hour (but HELL, she's got legitimate reasons to think so). They've also explained (more or less) why people get super-sick and what they can do to ameliorate it. Based on what they've said, I've even sorta reverse-explained why one particular med was so bad when she was young. Have no idea how much good that did.

- She was sobbing after dinner about her two favorite people (a sixteen year old girl, another seven) during her childhood treatment. Neither survived. The young one had leukemia, finished her treatment, relapsed before B was done, succumbed. The other? Went to a horse ranch between courses of treatment and....let's just say Brenda's never going to ride one.

- But she did finish tonight's shower quickly. That's a good thing. Won't explain why.

- She got her hair cut extra short today. Can't show you yet. But she's happy with it.

- Gotta get up early tomorrow. Hospital day. Port placement.

Happier stories later. Promise!

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