Jan. 25th, 2017

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It seems I always have to make the Common Sense Decisions with electronic things.

B argued with me against getting an iPad of her own while grumbling about her locked unit from work. Said it was too expensive while lobbying in favor of a $200 GARBAGE CAN ("But it's discounted from Two-Fiddy!"). Argued against updating her phone from an S7 from an S3....while holding her phone together with a hair elastic. This story isn't quite as extreme--thankfully--but here goes.

Brenda thoroughly disapproved of Pokemon Go. Totally embarrassed to watch me play in public. Especially in front of her friends, who were SO much more socially developed. Except, of course, when they whipped out their tablets to play Cold Case. But never mind that.

Pokemon Go turned people into PokeyHeads who'd spend all kinds of money on the game (okay, guilty maybe) and destroyed families.

She'd NEVER load that thing on her phone. It hogs memory and kills your battery and slows everything to a crawl.

Okay whatever. Maybe now and then she'd throw a ball at one of the Pokeys on my phone. Or find some of the little monsters more interesting than others. Hell, even she couldn't resist watching the magical Magikarp nest at Universal Studios Florida. But she didn't really want to play.

Along came Christmas and my tragic wrapping.

This year's theme was 'Missed it by THAT much.'

See? But along with the painfully bad packaging (and don't advise me--I'm married to a perennial charity gift-wrapper I already ignore) comes labels bearing hints. Brenda has only deduced a box's contents once in the nine years she's known me. They make perfect sense once they're unwrapped buUUuuut...

Anywayyy, one package under the tree had this hint:

I'll say it's for you or perhaps even us, but it's mostly for me

Wanna see its contents?

Unwrap by going clicky )

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