Feb. 16th, 2017

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So last night I ranted and raved about Valleyfair (surprise???). Then...clicked over to their website and decided to spend more money there. Almost as much as we've spent on both our season passes combined for a SINGLE season dining pass, Yeah I know, right?

But poutine's back on the menu at Fryer Tuck's (HELLO Canadians!) and they've replaced the yer-gonna-wait-ten-minnits-but-it'll STILL be-frozen-in-the-middle fish with Skrimps ANNNND they're offering the Skrimps in the waterpark eatery. Which they weren't doing in the past with fish. Correction: They were selling fish, only not to the season dining passholders. At a spot that's supposedly some frackin' beach house. Which made ZERO sense. But hey, it's Minnesota and Valleyfair and sometimes things simply don't conform to logic. Didn't. At least that's been remedied.

Oh OH and perhaps we didn't inherit a SINGLE coaster of the dozen-plus available when they shut down Jogger Lake the first time (not even the cheap, tiny Boomerang! Even parks with half our attendance got one! Don't get me started) and maybe there aren't any apparent plans to ship us any of the slides from the SECOND time they closed Jogger Lake, the Waterpark (and come ON they've just retired two Tornado 60 slides. TWO. Toss us ONE of them for fuck's sake. B would spontaneously heal from her surgeries like WOLVERINE to get in line for one--you think I'm kidding) but you'd think if NOTHING else they'd at least ship us a couple tractor-trailers of their empty. unused beach chairs. The CHAIRS! Come ON! Maybe the umbrellas too..? Ah fuckit never mind. Just the chairs. And pave over one of those two useless volleyball courts and set them there. No? In the dirt then. Fine! JUST GIVE US THE DAMNED CHAIRS NO ONE HAS ANYWHERE TO SIT. Where was I? Right!

So anyway, I can drive to the park after working overtime, grab some skrimps, hang out four hours, grab a poutine and take it home to B whenever I visit. Even if B's not up to riding coasters or immersing herself at any time during the summer. She doesn't have to be jostled about in restraints to do the mazes during Halloween season--then she can get the poutine herself. Between mid-May and late October, we'll wring $90 worth of grub from 'em. Sure.

More PokeyNerd rambling later.
You know they're about to COMPLETELY boof up the game, right?

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If you're already playing, it might make you wanna rip your own face off.

The latest Pokemon Go update adds 80 new characters to the game people. EIGHTY. Which is very very very bad news.

I'm guessing you might actually want four of 'em.

To hell with cute animation. I WISH ONLY TO KICK DAT ASS.

This means your odds of hatching something good has officially Just Been Reduced to Poop. What's the point of hatching a 10K egg that's only some stupid 'baby' version of a character your routinely toss to the Perfessor already? Amirite amirite? Ooh looka baby JYNX. Oh boy oh boy they can reach up to 2000 CP! I'ma take that to a gym RIGHT AWAY! Do that and watch what happens. Or doesn't, right...? That's not gonna make a struggling Level 20ish player (you know, stuck in that chasm between competence and Legendary Gym Residency) happy AT ALL.

Ah, well. Here's a few crumbs of Wisdom From My Rich Table of Pokey Smerts™ which I'm only disclosing cuz it may no longer apply anyway.

Cloysters are Lapras on a budget Sure they can't take a punch like a Lapras, but you've got one with 50 candies. Fot that matter....

Exeggcutors are Snorlaxes on a budget
Starmies are Gyrados on a budget
Rhydons are Dragonites on a budget

Cuz they provide the same advantages for less candy + work.
Think about it. And play like that. Cuz I do.

More later. I might take a lunch hour AND both my breaks.

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...shadows started to appear in the PokeyVerse.

I'll state my opinion first: If you play the game, you're better off experiencing the changes on your own.
Don't let me ruin it for you.

Unless you wanna.

There will be many photos posted. No questions answered. At all.

Secrets exposed beneath the cut )
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