Feb. 25th, 2017

newlifeinstpaul: (The Princess & Queen Brenda 2014)
(not long ago this morning)

B: Why were you up so late?
Me: Whaddaya mean? We didn't get back from Jim Jeffries 'till 11. I was just winding down.
B: For three hours?
Me: Yeah??? Sounds like a typical night for me.
B: But what were you doing for three hours?
Me: Typical Me stuff. Surfing the Web. Learning stuff.
B: ....
Me: Ooh. OOH!!!
B: What?
Me: Somebody leaked a benchmark of the new Ryzen chip running GTA V.
B: That's all you seem to talk about these days.
Me: Because it's HUGE. The desktop CPU market might become competitive again for the first time in a decade.
B: Okay.
Me: When you met me? All the desktops in the house were AMD. Now they're not.
B: Mmmm hmmm.
Me: Cuz AMD was not only slower, but HOT. Remember when I rebuilt 'TV Monster' in a smaller case?
B: No.
Me: And from then on I left the cover off the case?
B: OHHHH. Okay. That was weird.
Me: Well, if I put the cover on? It would overheat and shut itself down.
B: Really.
Me: YEAH. And that chip was 140 Watt. Constant 140 Watts, no matter what it did. Took more power than the two desktops we use now COMBINED.
B: Hm.
Me: Only THOSE two are 65 Watt if you're pushing them hard. When you're just on the Web, they'll slow themselves down and power down a couple cores and maybe burn 35 or so. Which brings me to what I was talking about...CORES. See, AMD's already taking pre-orders for Ryzen, even tho there's no reviews out yet. There's an embargo on reviews 'till release date just like when a movie is pre-screened for reviewers. Techies already have the chip--they just can't talk about it. ANYWAY, AMD's always been crowing about their improved IPC--that's instructions per cycle--and in that regard they have a point. BUT they've only been releasing hand-picked benchmarks--or performance tests--that make them look Extra Good. But what if the software you're using isn't written to utilize the extra cores and the chip isn't running at the same speed as the comparable Intel model? What happens what happens what happens?
B: *didn't say anything, but I could generally feel a blank stare*
Me: It gets it's ASS KICKED, that's what.
B: Oh.
Me: Hypothetically, you could still overclock your AMD chip to match core speed and still beat the Intel model OR depending on what you're using you may not even need to, but there ya go. Oh! Cores! There's almost always multiple cores, or 'brains' or CPUs in EVERYTHING these days. Usually two at the absolute minimum. That phone you're texting on right now? Has eight. But having eight doesn't really make it faster. Four are used when it really needs to work--they're faster--and four are used when it doesn't need to, cuz they're slower and use less energy. Which brings me back to TV Monster.
B: I love you.
Me: ...
B: ...
Me: *in Brenda voice* I must cuz I sat through ALLLLLLLLLLA that.
B: You said it.
Me: Hey! You asked why I was up.
B: Guess I did.

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