Mar. 7th, 2017

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- Wish B had shown me the upsetting text from her mother earlier. (Actually she was gonna--but I told her to wait) Her mother's text was a mere piddly, somewhat manipulative 'we'd have come to see you in a heartbeat, if we knew we were welcome' shit. On a scale of Zero to Other Stupid Things she's said, that wasn't much. Certainly not 'That DOES it, I'ma hop in ma car and drive UP there for a chat' material. Yes, that's come out of my mouth before.

Still insulting. Back in the tumultuous teen days, Da Babies and I were in Full-Scale Fugly Feud at one point in time. They hadn't been over in months--and that mighta been my idea. But once Midget had a seizure, LP (chief architect of Damned Near Any Fight) was the first person on my phone and I was at the Emergency Room as soon as I could get there. Did my ex start screaming at Brenda in the waiting room? Yup! Did I take them both to the parking lot and THEN tell my ex...a series of surgically chosen, incredibly hurtful words*? Hell yeah! None of that mattered tho, cuz one of Da Babies needed medical care**.

B's gonna text a foot up her mom's you-know real soonly.

- Took off early today, due to fatigue. And then? Went shopping, cooked dinner, cleaned the kitchen, cooked lunch for myself for the week, two loads of shirts for me and you're starting to understand why Time Off For Me Is Pointless. At least I took a nap while dinner was in the oven. That way I'm at least an hour ahead on sleep.

*It was like setting off a dog whistle. Nobody else 'heard' a thing; meanwhile the ex was probably crying for days. Even in the Poorly Married Days, they were things I'd never say due to sheer Megatonnage of soul-scarring damage--only now? I was bringing them in combinations. The Message: Bring that Souf Side shit to Brenda? I'ma bring Da West Side. Not Six Mile, either. FENKELL. But Blacked-Out Fenkell Ninja. With the ex on the floor, screaming HE CUT ME BAAAAAAAAAAD and everyone else going Huh?

**Many months later, the ex called, apologized to me and told me LP had her head twisted backward on some BS stories 'bout me. I told the ex she needed to make an apology to BRENDA. Believe it or not, she did. None of which is the point. Point is Real Parents GET THEIR ASSES OUT THERE

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