Mar. 16th, 2017

newlifeinstpaul: (The Princess & Queen Brenda 2014)

Some of you--but I doubt if it's more than a few--already realize I'm speaking of myself.
'Specially at the Auto Show. Where I'ma giddy at all the new sheet metal and will say the First Thing that Comes to Me. To complete strangers. To the Missus' utter shock and disbelief. She's never grasped that 95% of everybody's thinking the same thing. Fine I'm lying. Thinking something vaguely similar 'till I came along and fuckered it totally sideways.

One of Brenda's favorites tho? Is a game we call Check The Demo(graphic).
Oh THAT'S a cool car. Wait! Who's hovering around it? Ewwwwwwwww. Maybe not.

She's 'specially fond of this game near sports cars.
Typically, I'd NEVER take photos like these. B would, cuz shots are perceived as more innocuous from a woman.
But Brenda couldn't come this year and I needed her to feel as if she was part of my day.
To HELL with it said I to me. Click went my phone, off with some texts.

Four herndred hoorsepower ya say? YUP. That'll fix EVERYTHING.

Except ma bum knee. Still can't get IN the damned thing.

No, no! Actually this one WOULD fix my arthritis.

Me to the guy with the most hair: If I drove home from the dealer with that thing? My wife would punch me in the gut--so she could knee me in the forehead easier!

He laughed....but the woman with him laughed harder.

Based on your observation of this focus group, what will the Acura NSX do for its owner?

A) Restore your hairline
B) Restore your hairline if you needed it, cuz you don't since that cap totally sells it
C) Magically melt 40-100 pounds
F) Grant your life its missing purpose
Q) All of the above, at the bare minimum

More assholery to follow.

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