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A few weeks after one disgusting, cold-blooded Southern murderer mowed down innocent Black churchgoers who'd welcomed him to their Bible study group, a bunch of pickup-truck driving drunks interrupted a kid's birthday party with racial slurs and death threats.

Once arrested, prosecuted, found guilty and handed long sentences, two of this group cried like babies.

The woman who said 'This isn't me' once sentenced? Had in reality loaded a 12-gauge shotgun and handed it to 'this isn't him' so he could point it to threaten a group of strangers who happened to be nothing but breathing and Black at the same time.

Yeah, right. Soooooo sorry.

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Rule Number One: If your cancer patient feels up to going out to eat? Take her out.
This was Saturday, near her favorite place to Pokey About in town.
She tends to keep to her hat now. Doesn't wanna see how much will remain in her hat, were she to remove it.

Some stupid PA told her she might not lose all her hair in only four courses. They were wrong.
Whether or not she'd have been right, Nothing Sucks Like False Hope.

Yesterday was her second course. The day of the actual infusion is never that hard.
I keep my 'hospital' tablet full of Netflix standup acts. There's a $15 device behind it that 'splits' audio between multiple Bluetooth headsets.

B got started on embroidering our names on our Christmas stockings.

THIS was a pleasant surprise...she went barreling after a New Pokey shortly after infusion.
For about a block maybe. But that was good to see.

However, yesterday was yesterday and today is today. And today the Neulasta injector auto-fired and that's when things typically go all to hell. I got her out of the house for maybe a half-hour to forty-five minutes and she got the mail from our box across the street. But that was before her injection.

She's on a couple more meds that should help with the bone pain. Here's hoping.

I should sleep so I'm ready for tomorrow. Whatever it holds.

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So this appeared on the internets very recently.

My car's the third one. In the shadows. You know, the one you can buy right now.
The first two are the proposed replacement looks.

Those new back ends are SEXAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

If you ask me, the new front ends are STUPID. Nice looking? Sure! But unless you live in Michigan (or a similar state) you ruin that grille with a cruddy, wrinkly, cheap-looking license plate. Oh! And and AND if you spend more on a very nice option like full-stop adaptive cruise (HINT: You want that, you really do) you'll deface it yet some more with the radar sensor.

(ETA: If you ask ME? Certain states should sell blacked-out plates with luminescent numbers for 2-3x the price of a standard plate. Four times the price for a custom blacked-out plate. They'd sell the living (BLEEP) out of 'em! But I digress. Surprise, surprise)

But Sonatas aren't selling. For whatever reason Sonatas aren't selling. And the (formerly super-sexy) Kia Optima's sales have dropped even more dramatically. Again, no idea why. A Sonata guy and I were in the parking lot at the gym last week, wondering why everyone hasn't bought themselves three of them already. Whether the cheapest base model or a loaded one, they're quiet and reliable and smooth and a ridiculous bargain and well-backed and an Asian-level midsize car. Chevy might have just caught up with interior capacity, but not with that Ecotec engine, ya don't. Ford isn't there yet, with their tiny back seat and heavy curb weight. Chrysler's given up trying...even after Hyundai was nice enough to loan 'em parts. Anywayyyyyy

What I hope the Koreans do--beyond pretty styling--is catch up to the next Camry. Sorry, Korea. It's time to upgrade the powertrain with an 8 speed tranny. And while you're at it, try TUNING THAT TURBO ENGINE so it's not a bad joke. Maybe they can get away with the 7-speed DCT instead. Mayyyyyyybe. But the results will have to edge everyone else in the crowded field. 'Specially considering every other competitor offers a 6-cylinder option. Furd's base model Fusion is NOTHING compared to a similar Sonata. BuuUUUuuut Furd races cars in all the stock car leagues and also offers a 300+ horsepower twin-turbo version of their car. If Korea imagines that doesn't affect some folk's decisions--even those who'll never afford more than a well-chewed rental return--they should think again. No one makes these decisions using both halves of their brain. If even one.

K that's tonight's NerdRant.

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Ran a few miles, fuddled about at the Mall since it was gonna be my last FRIDAY Friday (as in all to myself) for oh maybe five weeks. Then I got back home when Brenda asked me to like a good Mister Husband.

Back in the Once Upon a Time, When No One Expected Brenda had Cancer? We bought tickets to see Jim Jeffries. Brenda slightly rescheduled her chemo so she'd be at her best. Or the best she could manage.

We found a relatively quiet table in the back of Rock Bottom, which I wiped down with a disinfecting wipe first.

Then time for an incredibly incorrect show. Trump got maybe two minutes, cuz truth is, Donald's neither interesting nor entertaining. But you'd have to watch the show to see better material and I'm not ruining it....

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(not long ago this morning)

B: Why were you up so late?
Me: Whaddaya mean? We didn't get back from Jim Jeffries 'till 11. I was just winding down.
B: For three hours?
Me: Yeah??? Sounds like a typical night for me.
B: But what were you doing for three hours?
Me: Typical Me stuff. Surfing the Web. Learning stuff.
B: ....
Me: Ooh. OOH!!!
B: What?
Me: Somebody leaked a benchmark of the new Ryzen chip running GTA V.
B: That's all you seem to talk about these days.
Me: Because it's HUGE. The desktop CPU market might become competitive again for the first time in a decade.
B: Okay.
Me: When you met me? All the desktops in the house were AMD. Now they're not.
B: Mmmm hmmm.
Me: Cuz AMD was not only slower, but HOT. Remember when I rebuilt 'TV Monster' in a smaller case?
B: No.
Me: And from then on I left the cover off the case?
B: OHHHH. Okay. That was weird.
Me: Well, if I put the cover on? It would overheat and shut itself down.
B: Really.
Me: YEAH. And that chip was 140 Watt. Constant 140 Watts, no matter what it did. Took more power than the two desktops we use now COMBINED.
B: Hm.
Me: Only THOSE two are 65 Watt if you're pushing them hard. When you're just on the Web, they'll slow themselves down and power down a couple cores and maybe burn 35 or so. Which brings me to what I was talking about...CORES. See, AMD's already taking pre-orders for Ryzen, even tho there's no reviews out yet. There's an embargo on reviews 'till release date just like when a movie is pre-screened for reviewers. Techies already have the chip--they just can't talk about it. ANYWAY, AMD's always been crowing about their improved IPC--that's instructions per cycle--and in that regard they have a point. BUT they've only been releasing hand-picked benchmarks--or performance tests--that make them look Extra Good. But what if the software you're using isn't written to utilize the extra cores and the chip isn't running at the same speed as the comparable Intel model? What happens what happens what happens?
B: *didn't say anything, but I could generally feel a blank stare*
Me: It gets it's ASS KICKED, that's what.
B: Oh.
Me: Hypothetically, you could still overclock your AMD chip to match core speed and still beat the Intel model OR depending on what you're using you may not even need to, but there ya go. Oh! Cores! There's almost always multiple cores, or 'brains' or CPUs in EVERYTHING these days. Usually two at the absolute minimum. That phone you're texting on right now? Has eight. But having eight doesn't really make it faster. Four are used when it really needs to work--they're faster--and four are used when it doesn't need to, cuz they're slower and use less energy. Which brings me back to TV Monster.
B: I love you.
Me: ...
B: ...
Me: *in Brenda voice* I must cuz I sat through ALLLLLLLLLLA that.
B: You said it.
Me: Hey! You asked why I was up.
B: Guess I did.

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B texted me a photo yesterday morning.
It looked like this.

The previous night, she'd complained that her scalp hurt.

Last night, once I got home...?
She reached in her scalp, tugged as hard as she could and produced two more of what you see in the picture. I asked her not to do that again. At least not in front of me. Or within earshot. It's that cracking-breaking-things-going-wrong sound it makes.

Oh yes...second course of chemo happens Monday. Is that why they say the second is harder than the first?

VERY IMPORTANT POST-SCRIPT: Let's all do ourselves a huge favor by not clicking the 'like' thingy on this post. What's to like about it? Maybe next post. Not this one. Please?

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...this must become my mantra.

There's a lot to worry about. Next week's Brenda's second course of chemo. They say it's typically tougher than the first. While I'm gone from work to care for her? The folks who left half a week's worth of work sitting untouched will be doing whatever else they do besides touching anything on my desk. As usual.

But until then, there's now.

This weekend was the best B's felt since mid-December. All she wanted to do was hunt for Pokeys. She scarcely wanted to go home, barely wanted to eat dinner--did she realize she was up and on her feet 5-6 hours at a time? "It's a WALKING game," she'd snipe when I'd slow down. Mostly, we played at her Favorite Place Ever. We spent a day at the State Fairgrounds, but it's not Her Favorite. In fact, there's a story I should tell you about a certain individual we encountered there. But that's for another post.

We both hauled in enough Magikarp to evolve Gyrados--but not before a celebratory fish fry.
I woulda gone for catfish, too. But B can't be convinced to try any....

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I'm passing on what I've heard elsewhere cuz--thus far--the rumor is true.

1) Collect 25 Evee candies for each
2) Change your Evee's name as shown
3) Evolve and enjoy your new Pokey

That's all!

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So I'm in the locker room at the gym after a four-miler, right...?
And there's this dude strutting around with a t-shirt that reads


And the first thing to MY mind was:

Hey, that's ALSO the preferred conditions for whacking off.
Coincidence? I don't think so!

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B was feeling the best she's felt in a while--so instead of a half-day of overtime, I put in a full day at her favorite spot to hunt Pokeys. Won't say where. It's competitive enough. But it's sure as hell not in the inner city, as this pic of a certain passing car may reveal.

Pics beneath the cut. Click if you wish.

As before...? I will show you many things, but answer ZERO questions.
About the Pokeys, anyway. The car? That's a Tesla Model X.

Remember, only been 28-29 hours since the first shadows..... )

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...shadows started to appear in the PokeyVerse.

I'll state my opinion first: If you play the game, you're better off experiencing the changes on your own.
Don't let me ruin it for you.

Unless you wanna.

There will be many photos posted. No questions answered. At all.

Secrets exposed beneath the cut )
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If you're already playing, it might make you wanna rip your own face off.

The latest Pokemon Go update adds 80 new characters to the game people. EIGHTY. Which is very very very bad news.

I'm guessing you might actually want four of 'em.

To hell with cute animation. I WISH ONLY TO KICK DAT ASS.

This means your odds of hatching something good has officially Just Been Reduced to Poop. What's the point of hatching a 10K egg that's only some stupid 'baby' version of a character your routinely toss to the Perfessor already? Amirite amirite? Ooh looka baby JYNX. Oh boy oh boy they can reach up to 2000 CP! I'ma take that to a gym RIGHT AWAY! Do that and watch what happens. Or doesn't, right...? That's not gonna make a struggling Level 20ish player (you know, stuck in that chasm between competence and Legendary Gym Residency) happy AT ALL.

Ah, well. Here's a few crumbs of Wisdom From My Rich Table of Pokey Smerts™ which I'm only disclosing cuz it may no longer apply anyway.

Cloysters are Lapras on a budget Sure they can't take a punch like a Lapras, but you've got one with 50 candies. Fot that matter....

Exeggcutors are Snorlaxes on a budget
Starmies are Gyrados on a budget
Rhydons are Dragonites on a budget

Cuz they provide the same advantages for less candy + work.
Think about it. And play like that. Cuz I do.

More later. I might take a lunch hour AND both my breaks.

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So last night I ranted and raved about Valleyfair (surprise???). Then...clicked over to their website and decided to spend more money there. Almost as much as we've spent on both our season passes combined for a SINGLE season dining pass, Yeah I know, right?

But poutine's back on the menu at Fryer Tuck's (HELLO Canadians!) and they've replaced the yer-gonna-wait-ten-minnits-but-it'll STILL be-frozen-in-the-middle fish with Skrimps ANNNND they're offering the Skrimps in the waterpark eatery. Which they weren't doing in the past with fish. Correction: They were selling fish, only not to the season dining passholders. At a spot that's supposedly some frackin' beach house. Which made ZERO sense. But hey, it's Minnesota and Valleyfair and sometimes things simply don't conform to logic. Didn't. At least that's been remedied.

Oh OH and perhaps we didn't inherit a SINGLE coaster of the dozen-plus available when they shut down Jogger Lake the first time (not even the cheap, tiny Boomerang! Even parks with half our attendance got one! Don't get me started) and maybe there aren't any apparent plans to ship us any of the slides from the SECOND time they closed Jogger Lake, the Waterpark (and come ON they've just retired two Tornado 60 slides. TWO. Toss us ONE of them for fuck's sake. B would spontaneously heal from her surgeries like WOLVERINE to get in line for one--you think I'm kidding) but you'd think if NOTHING else they'd at least ship us a couple tractor-trailers of their empty. unused beach chairs. The CHAIRS! Come ON! Maybe the umbrellas too..? Ah fuckit never mind. Just the chairs. And pave over one of those two useless volleyball courts and set them there. No? In the dirt then. Fine! JUST GIVE US THE DAMNED CHAIRS NO ONE HAS ANYWHERE TO SIT. Where was I? Right!

So anyway, I can drive to the park after working overtime, grab some skrimps, hang out four hours, grab a poutine and take it home to B whenever I visit. Even if B's not up to riding coasters or immersing herself at any time during the summer. She doesn't have to be jostled about in restraints to do the mazes during Halloween season--then she can get the poutine herself. Between mid-May and late October, we'll wring $90 worth of grub from 'em. Sure.

More PokeyNerd rambling later.
You know they're about to COMPLETELY boof up the game, right?

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The guy that used to run our local Cedar Fair park has obviously had enough of their shit.
He doesn't work for them anymore. He took a job at the zoo.

They thought well of him. Even said so on the quarterly conference call today.
Dammit. Guess I can pull his business card and direct line from my pegboard in Four.

But DAYUM it had to be as frustrating working for those corporate fuckbats as it was to attend Valleyfair and watch nothing go on. They've only invested in more ways to pocket people's money. Not entertain them.

Remember the year they closed the Antique Cars and replaced them with an extra-cost attraction? Or shut down the public picnic area, replacing it with a catered only zone for groups? How 'bout the year after that, when they added a new 'zone' of one new ride, repainted old rides and 'holes' where the old rides used to sit...?

While they were mucking about, Des Moines' family-owned park was pulling together a better waterpark than ours. Followed by a swing ride taller than ours. Followed by a world-class coaster. Which they added to their existing charm and personality. Of which we have NONE.

Said who? The former VP himself. To me. Didn't exactly have to drag it from him, either. Valleyfair is charmless. It has no soul.

Cedar Fair loves parks with a 'soul.' At least now that Matt Ouimet's in and Little 'Pavement and Coasters' Dicky is gone. A park with a 'brand' is a park they can spend less money on and still draw attendance. They can get away with that at Knotts Berry Farm...but that's cuz it's been there since the 40s. It has a specific identity and resonance with people who grew up around it.

Here in Minnesota? The Renaissance Festival has a 'brand.' The State Fair has MORE than a 'brand.' The Mall of America was built decades after Valleyfair, but guess what it's got? A BRAND. Valleyfair has nothing of the sort.

I s'pose what was even more sickening was Cedar Fair's statement today that they're asking corporate leaders in our area what Valleyfair's 'brand' is. Which means the focus groups of season passholders they surveyed this summer said Why don't you build a new coaster? It's only been ten years and that's not what they wanted to hear. *headdesk headdesk headdesk headdesk*

Well, at least Six Flags Great America's building that coaster from San Antonio I was obsessed with. Once B's ready, it's off for some quality rides.

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...when the flowers came for Brenda.

Worked for HER anyway.

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You Just Cain't Do it Right™ without visiting a Wal(Mart or Greens, take your pick) for the Dim Guys Parade.

I'm especially fond of the stale-smoke-reeking 50 somethings in their baseball caps, shufflin' and a-staring at the shelves like Der Whadda I Do NOW???

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First things first. I can't believe he's gone. It isn't fair.

Which is selfish to say. But his synthe-jazz got me through so many decades of a life that was essentially Molten Lava Blasts of Bullshit. I'll admit it. Given a choice between seeing Al Jarreau and post-'Dub Prince? Al Jarreau.

Damned Shame most people only know him as the voice of the Moonlight theme song....

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Most players would call this a Very Good Day.
I'd call this a 'bloodbath' cuz I lost three gyms.

OH also B told me Friday she couldn't handle sitting in a leather reclining chair at a movie theater for the length of a movie...then sat in my leather passenger seat close to Four Hours to catch Pokeymon.

Hey, gotta keep your priorities straight, no...?

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Not this one. Last Sunday.
Among other things, this happened.

It might look like a dumpling of sorts to you, but it was more a happy accident.

It's the first time I pulled off a fried peanut butter cup. See it inside....?

Or mostly inside, at least.

Not that all of 'em made it.
I'll do better next year.

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...if we jump in the car and leave the house when a creature she's never had before shows up on her radar?

What if it's 11:30ish at night and everyone has to put on clothes first?

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