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2008 Race for The Cure, Part I


This year's Race For the Cure was my third to date--and in many ways, much different than any I had run before. Who was with me, where I was in my life--sure, a number of things figured into the mix. But at the time, perhaps the most pressing of these was the weather.


Instead of typical sunny, warm mid-May weather, it was 40°, very windy and threatening to rain as we closed in on the Mall. Which meant the decisions I made standing in front of trunk would be the most important ones I'd make that day.

If you dress incorrectly to run, you can smother yourself in your own body heat, constrict yourself unduly, haul around excess baggage and weight, add even more to that with your own sweat, yet freeze half to death all at once. Lucky me--or should I say unlucky?--I had the great pleasure of running in the cold in Manitoba for Easter weekend. So I had a fairly good idea what to do...after learning the very, VERY hard way.

My core was going to generate plenty of heat, but I didn't want to get too hot. So I wore lightweight shorts, covered them with cotton sweats, wore a thin tank and the race's trademark tee. No hat. Didn't need one. Heat rising from my body like a chimney would keep my ears plenty warm.

The thin shirts on my chest would let my body breathe and freely sweat. But none of this would work as it were I caught in a pouring rain. So after a long period of should-I, shouldn't-I, I slipped on a very thin nylon jacket.

Heat rising from a chimney goes up in the air. It doesn't tend to mushroom out side-to-side. That being the case, the heaviest-covered part of my body were my hands. Double-layered Thinsulate gloves gave me the right mix of cold protection for their weight.


Now on to the best changes between this race and the last one. Never mind the race. Life itself, for that matter.

If you miss the last pic under here, you will hate yourself. I promise. )



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