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Rule Number One: If your cancer patient feels up to going out to eat? Take her out.
This was Saturday, near her favorite place to Pokey About in town.
She tends to keep to her hat now. Doesn't wanna see how much will remain in her hat, were she to remove it.

Some stupid PA told her she might not lose all her hair in only four courses. They were wrong.
Whether or not she'd have been right, Nothing Sucks Like False Hope.

Yesterday was her second course. The day of the actual infusion is never that hard.
I keep my 'hospital' tablet full of Netflix standup acts. There's a $15 device behind it that 'splits' audio between multiple Bluetooth headsets.

B got started on embroidering our names on our Christmas stockings.

THIS was a pleasant surprise...she went barreling after a New Pokey shortly after infusion.
For about a block maybe. But that was good to see.

However, yesterday was yesterday and today is today. And today the Neulasta injector auto-fired and that's when things typically go all to hell. I got her out of the house for maybe a half-hour to forty-five minutes and she got the mail from our box across the street. But that was before her injection.

She's on a couple more meds that should help with the bone pain. Here's hoping.

I should sleep so I'm ready for tomorrow. Whatever it holds.

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