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I've been hiding this for a while.
Almost let it slip once.
But now I'll tell you.
You might not look at me the same afterward.

If you're not into the game, no point peeking.

For all the Pokey-talk I've done?
Truth is, I haven't actually played a single game of Pokemon Go since late November


Cuz I've been playing TWO.

When thinking of gifting B a tablet to play, there was only one way to ensure it would consistently perform while drawing data from a hotspot, especially in heavy-trafficked areas. And that meant field-testing. Extensively so.

Combine that with the question How much BETTER would I be, knowing what I know now about the game...? and next thing ya know, I'm hooked on playing two games at once. One on my phone, one on an 8" tablet. Must be strange to watch, butcha know what? I'm already playing amongst oddballs. I'M A DUAL-BLADED POKEMON NINJA SUCK IT okay FINE that mighta gone too far.

Anyway, my original July game is a Level 34 with players in maybe 14 gyms as you read this. My five-months-later game? Level 32 with a pair of 3100+ CP dragonites. If I showed you either of the Pokemon screens sorted by CP, you'd puke. But remember I work in a historic downtown district ( yielding 42 kazillion PokeyStops) AND have had four full weeks off work to take care of B. Oh--and if there's a (previously unknown) creature nest somewhere in the Twin Cities? And the missus is in recovery? I WILL drive her there. Cuz she'll get whooped up and bolt from the car and march around until she's exhausted. And that's good for her.

All of which you've been told to tell you I've got 993 Magikarp candies on one (3 Gyrados already), 860 on the other (6 Gyrados already, 3 of which are over 3K CP) and STILL no shiny Magikarp. The FUCKING fuckity FUCK. Why are they so mean to me?????? Haven't I slaved enough? Who could be more worthy?

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