Jan. 23rd, 2017

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- Trying to settle in to the non-cable-TV life. Playstation Vue isn't the best for live television. There's occasional dropoffs and lapses mid-stream. But for $85 less per month? Yes, please.

HIGH TECH SAVIOR OF THE MONTH: Now that I finally appear to have Too Many of These--even by my standards--which means there's multiple backups stocked in the house? I'll let you peek at these gems.

The larger Menards stores stock them for three dollars each. THREE DOLLARS. That's all!

Are they any good for data transfer? *Shrug* Hell if I know. You tell me.
But when you wanna hang a Chromecast (or Roku or whatever else) to the back of your telly and your surge suppressor's on the floor? These are your cables. Easily worth three times the price!

Where was I tho? Playstation Vue...?

The only real 'problem' station is ABC, with their bonehead EIGHT DAY EMBARGO on broadcast shows. That simply cannot happen for B and her Bachelor(ette)s. So I bought a relatively cheap antenna and voila B's got her Mondays back.

Well, sort of. It's live TV without a DVR. No pausing. No waiting 'till later. No whipping thru commercials. What fresh hell that must be.

- But seriously, speaking of fresh hell...port placement for B Wednesday for chemo next month.

Which reminds me. I gotta show her how to load a cheap tablet fulla Netflix. Later!
Oh, wait. Not until a 'Bachelor' commercial break.

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